Saturday, 2 July 2011

Time for something c-c-c-cold!

The other week we took on a rare challenge in the Wong household.

We defrosted the freezer...

I know your supposed to do it like once a year or something, but we're not that good :/

Well anyway, we finally got round to defrosting it, which meant we had to clear out as much stuff as possible... Including the ice cream stash! :0

The good part of that (other than eating all the ice cream) is that we now get to restock :D

So we've got the good old vanilla soft scoop and an assortment of ice lolly's, but what was really missing was the homemade ice cream... specifically this one:

It really is lovely, light and milky :)

And so... Out came my recipe book and ice cream maker!

Starting to churn

Such an easy-peasy recipe, just mascarpone cheese, milk and sugar. Mix them together and churn them in your machine until it looks like this:

Beginning to freeze

Then put it in a suitable container and chuck it in the freezer. Depending on how much you make it could be ready in less than an hour. For this one I doubled the recipe so it took longer to freeze, even so I think it would have been edible after a couple of hours...
In the tub and all frozen...

If you're one of those poor unfortunate souls who do not own a ice cream maker, all you have to do is mix your ingredients together, put them in a container and then bung it in the freezer. You then have to go back every 30 minutes or so to give it a good mix. This breaks down the ice crystals that form and gives it that lovely texture. Then all thats left is to eat!

One scoop or two?

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