Thursday, 30 June 2011


As I've been such a bad blogger since coming back from holiday, I thought I'd add another post today. 

Also, I actually wrote the Teriyaki one yesterday but didn't get round to publishing it.

Yesterday I was suffering with a particularly annoying and painful stiff neck and shoulders. To my dismay, I woke this morning to find that it is still no better... :( 

After spending the morning sulking and trying to get comfortable. I decided I needed a bit of a pick-me-up and so I broke out THE best cookie and muffin book I've ever bought... (It's the only one I've ever bought, but its soooo good, I doubt I'll ever buy another one!)


Thats right The Genuine American Cookie & Muffin Book! I've had it for a fair few years now. I got it from Lakeland when we first moved to Nottingham and couldn't believe how good the recipes were! My favourite recipe being the blueberry muffins. :9

hmmm maybe I should add blueberries to the shopping list...

Well today I decided to make the Classic Choc-Chip Cookie, mainly cos I didn't have the ingredients for some of the other recipes. But also its been ages since I last made them, so seemed about time!

Cooling on the surface. Had to keep swatting little hands out the way!
The recipes in this book are really simple, but taste AMAZING!!! When you get everything right they taste very similar to Millies Cookies. The main things that effect the outcome are the type of butter you use (Anchor rules) and the baking. You really need to make sure you get the temperature right as well as the cooking time. The great thing is though, the book has a top tips section for both cookies and muffins, so you have the best chance at getting it right. Also, if your like me and actually read the other bits of cookbooks and not just the recipes (yep sad I know!), this one includes a history lesson on how cookies and muffins got their names.

Colours better on this one.
Well, it worked! While I was baking and eating my neck did feel better. It's hurting again now though... Good job I made plenty :D

And a close up... just to tease everyone! :D
Unfortunately I didn't have the right sugar today, so they weren't as nice as they could be. 

But still pretty good... Pretty darn good! ;D

Hmmm... now I feel like watching George of the Jungle!


  1. First you talk about mac and cheese and then I scroll up the page and you're teasing me with cookies!! Boy am I feelin hungry now! I'm gonna go and raid the freezer now...I'm sure there's some cookie dough ice cream and hickory chicken wings in there somewhere! lol x

  2. Oooo I <3 cookie dough ice cream! Nomnomnom!

    That reminds me of a recipe I found years ago... hmmm future post maybe :D