Saturday, 3 April 2010

Crystal Ball

Since I've been blogging I've been hearing the call of future projects...

I confessed on my last post that I shop on QVC, generally I try to stay away as I usually end up buying something if I watch a show or browse their site... especially if its related to paper craft, candles or household helpers. So I haven't gone near QVC for some time... Until a few weeks ago I got a email from them, can't remember what about, but I had a lapse in judgement and linked to the site. Well I am now the proud owner of a lovely set of scrapbook papers!

They will be perfect for my Shoshone scrapbook... if and when I get round to it! I also got a set of tools, but didn't take a pic of those... Included a all in one anywhere hole punch and setting tool (plus a mini craft mat and storage tin), a edge distresser, sand paper, a piercing tool and a photo album almost of ideas.

Another future project was recently forced upon me... Tragic I know!

I currently have two knitting bags... I made one from a pair of trousers that no longer fitted and the zip had broken making them unsuitable for the charity bag. That one currently provides a home to my yarn, needles and projects that are not currently in use. When I returned to work after my maternity leave I decided the trouser bag was too big to take on the bus so went back to my old knitting bag, which is just an old paper gift bag... It had been doing pretty well really, going strong for probably 4 years now, until a recent trip to the in-laws. As usual I'd been knitting as we drove to Wolverhampton, I got out of the car, picked up my bag and my knitting hit the drive having fallen through the bottom of the bag :-(

I now had two options...
  1. Replace the bag with another gift bag of equal size (I'd just received a fab one from my friend Jen, red with white polka dots, proper Minnie Mouse bag!!)
  2. Make a new one :-D
This one is to be a bus and work friendly knitting bag. Preferably waterproof, so doesn't get itself or my current project ruined on a rainy day or wet floor of bus, and also of a smallish size so can fit in my locker at work (promise I'll use my lock Jen! xx). So have decided to make the bag out of oilcloth... never worked with it before, but hopefully will turn out ok! Inspired by option 1 above, this is the fabric I have purchased :-)

Now I just need to come up with a pattern and hopefully have the heart to cut into my new gorgeous fabric!