Friday, 3 June 2011

Continuing on from before...

When I was a kid, before I qualified as a Clinical Aromatherapist, before I wanted to become a Physiotherapist, there was a significant period of time when I wanted to be a fashion designer... I'm not talking Americas next top model type fashion... More the everyday, stuff you could actually wear type stuff! 

That of course was before the career advisor at school told me that I'd never make it and should do something else... Thanks!

When we started planning for the wedding, I soon faced a conundrum of what the "best woman" and the "flower girl" could wear. The problem being that their was a significant style difference between the two girls. Bonnie was only 11 and very feminine, I'm guessing she would have loved to dress up like a princess; On the other hand, I had never seen Eva in anything more feminine than female jeans, let alone a pretty dress! I guess being the bride I could have tried to get them to wear whatever I wanted, but I really wanted them to be comfortable. So I set about designing a suit and dress that would complement each other.

For some reason I quite liked the idea of a east/west fusion :) 

... think I was also inspired by some of the costumes in Lord of the Rings?

But anyway, I designed an A line dress with a mandarin collar and wrap front detail

Bonnie the Flower Girl

and a trouser suit, again with a mandarin collar and a wrap around closure, also with a kind of flared sleeve.

Eva the Best Woman
They were made by Marilyn Hall and turned out pretty well. I was happier with the dress than the suit, I guess I shouldn't pick flies in someone else's work... but I wasn't happy with the sleeves. She did the flare different than I had pictured and for me it just looked a little weird...  

But hey ho, guess thats what happens when you don't make it yourself!

There were other bits that I designed and made for the wedding, but not really worthy of a blog!

The End :D

Incidentally, I also designed myself a wedding dress. It was actually quite similar to the one I wore, a mermaid gown, but with a mandarin collar and wrap front... 

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