Monday, 6 June 2011

And so it begins XD

My book arrived on Saturday!

But not before I'd already whipped up a few sketches...

First proper sketches for years... felt a bit rusty :/
These designs aren't exactly by me... They're based on dresses I've seen in magazines and on the net over the years, my favourite being the one on the top left based on a dress worn by Scarlett Johansson. If you've been paying attention to my last few posts, you may have noticed that the middle one is a kind of short version of my wedding dress :D Which leads me onto the next sketch...

<3 my favourite so far <3

Again, if you read the previous post, the above dress may look a little familiar. Its kind of a new version of the bridesmaid dress design. As I mentioned before, I wasn't entirely happy with the way the outfits turned out...

So, what better opportunity to put it right! 

This time I've gone for a kind of pencil skirt rather than the A line look. Also I've included a little cap sleeve (hoping they'll help balance out my generous derriere!) and possibly a kind of kick pleat in the back.

I'm really happy with this design... Think its going to be the one I make! Arrrgh! (Excited scream)

Now I'm thinking about the type of fabric, what colour it should be, the construction methods... 

And SHOES!! :D

Kind of scared too, its going to be much more difficult than anything else I've made. I've never done many of the techniques I'll probably have to use. Also the fabric will most likely be very different to the ones I'm used to... 

I say that as though I'm an experienced stitcher! lol 

Most of the time I just turn up peoples jeans! Hahaha

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  1. Oooh looking good! :) Can't wait to see the finished thing! xxx