Thursday, 30 June 2011

I feel like chicken tonight...

Chicken Teriyaki to be precise!

... Well actually I didn't really feel like it, but had some chicken that needed using and I had just bought all the ingredients to make Teriyaki sauce...



Sorry about the pic, took it on my phone as I am too lazy to charge my camera!

Turned out not too bad, I've never really had 'official' Teriyaki from a restaurant, so don't really know how it compares. Shoshone really liked it though, had a mouthful looked at me and went "Mmm mMMMm!" She then polished the whole lot off quicker than me and Wiyot!

This recipe was from the DS game Cooking Guide, which has some really great recipes from around the world. One of my favourites being pork chops in a creamy mustard sauce :9 Theres also a great mac and cheese recipe, fabulous potato salad, others that I can't think of and LOADS that I haven't tried yet!

But anyway, like I said it's a pretty nice recipe, but I do prefer one that I've done from the Wagamama Cookbook, which tastes more sweet. However, unfortunately this means I can't eat as much though as it gets a bit sickly for me...

Well thats all for now folks :D

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  1. That looks pretty darn tasty!! tasty as it looks, all I'm thinking about now is mac and cheese!! I lurrrrrrve mac and cheese! :) x