Friday, 3 December 2010

December Daily Day 1

I know, it's the third now, but I had a number of technical difficulties in the printing of the photos and also a bit of indecisiveness in the layout! But anyway, it's done now... Almost!

The two page spread! The second page looks like its missing something to me...
Not sure what yet, but something maybe added!

Got carried away with the number of images I wanted to use. Originally I had planned to only use 1 or 2 images each day and also only do one page per day. However, once I got started, there was no way that was going to be enough!

So now I have a double page layout going on. Whether it will stay this way throughout... Well I guess we will see!

Page one.
I like the idea of this being a form of diary, so wanted to use note paper to do my journaling.

Page 2
This is the one I feel needs work... TBC?
And a peek at day 2... 

Again with the note paper... Not sure what to write though!
Page 1
Nice wintery pictures :)
Page 2
More snow... And a recycled No2!

 Well that's all for now...

Time to think what to write!

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