Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 4 & 5

I consider myself to be a full time mom...

I'm with the kids 6 days a week, day 7 (Sunday, the day of rest!) I work and DH takes over while I'm away. 

This week I was lucky enough to get to work both Saturday and Sunday! I don't mind as I absolutely love my job, especially at this time of year. However, it didn't leave me many options for the days pages.

Day 4 & 5
The photo's were actually taken the other way round, the store photo on the 5th and the Santa one on the 4th, due to the perspective of the two images, I chose to put them the other way around.

Both of the images were cropped in Photoshop and the journaling added. I used free fonts available on dafont.com The text font is Honey Script and the number is from the Christmas/Flakes font. 

The Front of our store
This is a photo of the front of our store taken before we opened on Sunday. I don't know how, but somehow I failed to notice the person walking past till I came to work on my pages... Doh! The journaling at the top is part of the phone greeting that we all say at this time of year :)

Some of the centre's Christmas decorations
As I mentioned above, this was actually taken on Saturday after I finished for the day. The Christmas decorations have been up since early November, but this was the first time I have walked to the other end of the centre to see Santa. I was hoping to squeeze in a bit of Christmas shopping, unfortunately the store I was in decided it was closing time and turned the lights off on me :(

Oh well, I'm sure we'll fit in a bit of shopping over the next couple of weeks while DH is off work... At least I hope we will as we've hardly done any yet!

Also managed to get some knitting done this weekend. With the weather we have had in the past week, the roads have been rather icy, meaning no petrol has been delivered to the local stations. To save fuel I decided to catch the bus to work this week. This means double the amount of travel time, BOO! But on the plus side it is a great time to do a spot of knitting :D Saturday was great, got quite a bit done. Sunday I forgot to take an extra ball of yarn, I had nothing to do after a couple of rows, resulting in 1 1/2 hours sitting doing nothing...  Major gutted!! I actually considered buying more yarn on my lunch! lol! The roads aren't much better so far this week... in fact our street is possibly worse! So maybe I'll be knitting on the bus again next week?! :)


  1. I love the Disney Shop at Christmas! You've just reminded me that it's time to get my special "Nightmare Before Christmas' mug out! :)

  2. We got some NBC decorations in at the moment too, really nice! In fact we've had lots of NBC throughout the year... think they finally noticed its got quite a following! About time too! :)