Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day 3

Been at work all day today, so haven't quite finished day 3 yet... but its almost there. I'm really pleased with the way its looking so far, and so I decided to post it anyway :D

Day 3
Page 1
Page 2
I was hoping to follow just one story per day, but both these stories needed telling today! Page one you can already read the journaling for, but basically icicles are fairly rare where I live... in fact the amount of snow that we currently have is pretty much unheard of! I personally have never seen so much snow in my life, which is why it has featured in my DD for the past few days!

The second page is telling the story of our advent calendar. No my children haven't been wearing the same clothes for the past three days. Rather, I only just got round to getting the thing out :/ Don't worry, the kids have their own calendars that they received first thing Wednesday morning! This one is the family one that we have had for the last 5+ years. I was just waiting for the chance to clear some space on the fireplace to get it out... So today the kids got to open 3 doors all in one go!! Wiyot's done it all before obviously, but Shoshone wouldn't remember it from last year, so she was very curious, attempting to get all the little doors open to see what was inside :) I couldn't choose just one picture, so I went for a collage of their discoveries. Some of the pictures were blurry, but I didn't really mind as they are printed quite small and I loved them regardless!

I also wanted to share this:

December Daily's temporary home
I've had this tin lurking around for a couple of years now... No use for it, but still I didn't want to throw it out (I am currently working on my "trash muscle"). I am terrible for holding onto things that I feel one day may serve a purpose. It doesn't help that I usually end up right, even if it is way later! Well, once again my inability to throw things out has proved useful, in that I have found a home for my pages while they are being constructed.

Perfect fit!

 As you can see, its almost as if it was designed for this purpose!


If only it said something more festive on the lid... like Christmas 2010! lol


  1. I love that big icicle picture - that's impressive. Your album is looking great.

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  3. I adore your photos! The little minitures that they are holding are so cute. The icicle photo is amazing. Great job! I put together my today's photos already to post tomorrow when I have decent light to take a photo with, and I too used the grid of square photos. I swear I didn't copy! Great minds must think alike! That tin is too funny. It does look like it was made for this project. :) Note: I had to come back & repost because I took another look at the icicle photo and noticed the journaling this time. How clever! Awesome job!