Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Day 9

I'm hanging in there... Almost!!

For my Day 9 layout I kind of cheated a little bit. The photo's were actually taken on the eighth, but I really wanted Day 8 to be about Danny starting his Christmas holiday. We did go shopping on day 9 (not to the mall in the pics though :/ ) and the Starbucks cup is from the ninth... so all in all not too much cheating... I think?

Day 9
I know a lot of people are using their Starbucks packaging in their layouts... and yes I guess I'm jumping on the bandwagon... But when the seasons coffee's start being sold, it is one of the huge signs for me that Christmas is getting near. I've had a number of gingerbread latte's from other coffee sellers over the last few weeks, but this day was the first time we went to Starbucks (non of the others did festive cups... Shame on you all! lol) I really liked the cup design and couldn't decided which side to show, so I went with a double page layout and cut the cup down the middle. I quite like the way it worked out :D

If anyone's interested, I had the Eggnog latte and Danny had the Peppermint Mocha :9

Page 1
Don't know if you can see, but I cut the number 9 out of the cup sleeve. It's not perfect I know, but I kinda liked the shabby look to it... Also if you look closely, I did my journaling by writing directly onto the cup. It's more obvious in some areas than others.

Page 2
I decided to use black paper as a background as I felt it really made the cup design stand out. I wrote all the names from our shopping list on the background paper in metallic silver. Some you can read, the majority are hidden. I was thinking of using my real list as a background, but that also documents what each person will receive. For that reason I decided not to put it  on this page... although, I might still use it at a later date and maybe keep it hidden in an envelope or something...? We'll see!

Well that's all for now... 10, 11, 12 & 13 next :/


  1. I love how you used your cup on the page. Very clever. And the 9 is very clever also. You are doing a terrific job on your album. And you had mentioned using the playlist or movie idea from one of my pages. Absolutely! That's what I love about reading others blogs and having them visit mine. If we get ideas from each other, I'm thrilled!

  2. Cool pages:) Thanks for dropping by my blog:)