Saturday, 27 August 2011

T-shirt re-vamp!

Just over seven years ago I was on holiday in Hong Kong. Whilst engaging in a little retail therapy a rather flashy belt caught my eye.
I realise now I should probably have taken a photo of said belt so you could get a picture in your mind as to what I'm talking about... maybe I'll do an update in the future...
The buckle is about 3 inches in diameter and is full of diamante crystals... You can guess how it caught my eye! Needless to say, the belt has been my favourite waist accessory ever since.

This may sound like a rather happy story! But just like as the old yogurt advert explained, you can't have pleasure without the pain... in this case it is the fact that my beautiful belt likes to create holes in my t-shirts :(

OK... I know its not a huge problem, but sometimes you get a t-shirt that you really love and you know you'll never be able to replace and then it becomes a bit annoying!

Well I decided it was time to do something about it. Out came the needle, thread and my sewing book and I got to darning all those pesky little holes!
Incidentally, should anyone be interested buying a book on sewing techniques, for an absolute beginner (like me) The Sewing Book is IMHO a better option. The step-by-step photos are larger and there are a number of projects at the back of the book to get you started!
Unfortunately, some of my thinner t's had suffered pretty badly and the holes were just to darned big to darn!
Did you like my word play, you did didn't you! ;)
And so, out came the leftover fabric from Wiyots curtains and the embroidery thread I used to make friendship bracelets with in high school!
I knew they would come in handy one day!
I added an applique butterfly (to cover the holes) with french knot details on the wings, some lazy daisy flowers (I think thats what they're called?) and some viney type things! :)

Please ignore the vacuum... I know I do! ;)
I know its not perfect, but I was quite pleased with it, especially for a first attempt! And yes it would look better not so central, but as you can imagine that's where the belt buckle creates the holes!

What do you think?

I should also have taken a photo of the inside so you could see the holes... Ah well!

And just cos I'm loving playing with my hair at the moment, here's my style of the day!

All about the flicks! :D
As I was writing this post, Shoshone wanted me to get Buzz Lightyear from the toy box for her. This is how he emerged:

Does anyone else suspect he maybe in Spanish mode? ;)


  1. Oh I deffinetly feel the toys have a secret spanish rave whilst we aren't lookinG! :D

    I hope so anyway....

    and I LOVE the flicks michelle :) b-e-a-uuuutiful <<- *italian accent*

  2. Yes!!!! It aloud me to comment :D

    Turns out I cant have it on the "remember me" setting when I log in. :S Which is strange....

    So I have to type my info out everytime. Urgh.

    comments are worth it though :) x