Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Incredible Hair!

It was really difficult to decide what to blog about today... So many things that I want to share! But I thought I'd better start my potential blogathon with this...

I'm sure you all knew it was coming!! 

Thats right... It's the one about the hair!!! :D

As I'm sure you are all aware, I decided a while ago to chop my lengthy locks off and donate them to a the Little Princess Trust who make real hair wigs for children... If this is the first time you're reading my blog, you can check out my first post here!

When I did the original post I hadn't taken any pictures... but as the date for the chop approached, I finally managed to get a few snapshots. :)

My hair hanging down to my waist
Saturday 20th August was the day! On the morning I stood in the shower washing my hair for the last time and I began to feel very sentimental! As I looked at my hair I could see the last inch of the highlights I had for my wedding, just above that would have been the time I was pregnant with Wiyot and then Shone...

Yep, not your typical lathering session!!

Still, off we went to the salon... I had reached my fundraising target and there was no turning back! I have to admit, it was the most stressful trip to the salon I have ever had! Like going for a driving test or something, everyone waiting to see how I got on! lol

Ironically, the hair salon a few doors down was called Rapunzels! If I had known I may have gone there!

Danny came in with me to snap a few photos for evidence:

The lovely Rachel asking how much I want off :D

Not sure if she was nervous, but I had to convince her to go shorter!



Gone! :O

You can't tell on this pic, but the hair measures a whopping 46cms!

Ta da!
I was really happy with it! It felt so soft and silky, and my head felt so light!

But then I went to bed... 

and as with all hairstyles, it mutated during the night!

It turned into...

Mrs Incredible hair!!! :O
OK, so it just flicked out on one side... But now I LOVE it even more! I literally could not wait to breakout the face paint and  the Incredibles t-shirt I made last year!

I may also have run round the house singing the Incredibles theme tune and striking Elastigirl poses... However, there is no evidence to support this! ;)

And for the first self style...

I like it curly too!
Just did a plain blow dry shaping it with my fingers. I really liked how it turned out... Kinda 1950's bob, which I am really rather pleased about! :D

In conclusion... I am LOVING my new do!

!!! PS if anyone still wants to make a donation to the Little Princess Trust, my JustGiving page will be up till 20th September!!!


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  1. are one brave lady!! It looks gorgeous curly with that flick of black eyeliner. It must have been terrifying sitting in that chair but it was all worth it! Great cause and a great new haircut! :)