Monday, 22 February 2010

Something a little different...

Yesterday we woke up to an unexpected snowfall. We didn't make any snowmen, but it made me think to blog about our previous snow friends.

This odd fella was our first creation, we made it when Shoshone was only a couple of weeks old... I didn't want to spend too long outside in the cold.

He was quite a funny looking thing and made us laugh when we looked out to see him... not sure what the extra ball on his head was about?!

This is our more recent creation. He was made on 2nd January, 2010 and lasted for quite a few weeks... except most of the time he was under another 5 inches of snow. He started off like any other snowman, until my little helper got board and started making snow angels and bombarding me with snowballs. At which point I got a bit carried away.

Answers on a postcard who its supposed to be...?

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