Tuesday, 23 November 2010


So for the last few days I've been kind of working on my December Daily. It was going quite well, I'd decided upon a page layout, chosen some fonts that I liked, cut my pages to size...

But today it all seems to have gone wrong >:(

I got all ready to print my layout, only to find that apparently my printer doesn't like printing on card. Humph!

Looks like I'll be thinking up a new layout now... Unless DH can coax the printer into doing what I want!

My other conundrum is how to bind the thing when its done. Seems a lot of people use book rings as the completed project is rather large. However, everywhere seems to be out of stock though at the moment :/ Another option would be to use my Bind-It-All but I'm not sure they do wires big enough for the completed project...

So for now at least, my December Daily consists of 25 sheets of unpunched card.... Woohoo!

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