Friday, 19 November 2010

Day 2 Dolly

So after my practice run with Eve the Sarubobo plush, I decided I wanted to do a more challenging dolly to give to my nan. 

Having perused Mochi's blog the day before, I was quite inspired to attempt one of the other little dolly type characters that she made. Luckily she mentioned that the doll was a bunka doll, giving me something to search for when looking for a pattern. Patterns were pretty hard to locate, but eventually I found this one... it's in Japanese, but the pictures were clear enough for me to figure it out.


Named Eva by Wiyot 
The dress and hat were made with bits left over from an apron I made my nan last year using fabric by Tanya Whelan. The shoes were from an old bed sheet my mom gave me to practice with, and the rest was scraps of muslin.

Off for a ride
This doll and the Sarubobo were pretty small, easily made with fabric scraps.... Finally something to do with all those bits I've been holding onto!

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