Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Circle Skirt Teaser

For as long as I can remember I have had a fondness for 1950's fashion, specifically the circle skirt, or poodle skirts as I called them before I knew any better! I don't know where it came from, but all those times watching Back to the Future, Peggy Sue Got Married and Grease probably had something to do with it! I vividly remember being 11 years old and standing in Florida's Old Town, gazing at the beautiful clothes in a vintage fashion store... *sigh*

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Casey over at Elegant Musings decided the time had come to do a circle skirt sew along. And well, who could pass up an opportunity like that? I for one cannot!

And so I am currently taking part in my very first sew-along! *claps hands excitedly*

Unfortunately Casey has been suffering a few technical issues recently, so its all getting a little delayed. But the other day I got my supplies ordered and am rather excited so I thought I'd share them with you!

I really love the way checked or plaid fabrics look when made into a circle skirt, so I knew this was what I wanted to go for. I also fell in love with an image on Casey's Inspiration post, a plain black skirt with a red lining. And so...

My petticoat is going to be in these vibrant reds. I'm hoping that you'll get a cheeky glimpse of them every now and then when I'm walking, sitting, etc. :D
Well that's all I have to share for now! 



  1. I wish I could sew :\

    I shall have to take part in the "watch michelle sew-along" Instead ;)

    I shall look forward to your updates!:)

  2. Ooh love the black, white and red combination! Maybe we can help each other figure out the plaid matching. ;) I can't wait to get started, it's so exciting!

  3. @cootney: Maybe we could just call it a "watch-along" for short lol. Get yourself a sewing machine! Bet you'd be a great at sewing. What with Beckie and Jen, we could set up our own sewing group! :D

    @NoirGirl: Thank you. Yep a little nervous about the matching bit! :/ I've actually done a little dummy run with a piece of paper to get my head round it! lol I might actually blog about it... It'll give everyone a laugh if nothing else! :)