Thursday, 21 April 2011

Something a little different...

Will you marry me?
So thought it was about time I blogged this...

Now I can't claim to have made this little beauty, but I can claim the honour of designing it :D

It all began when the other half and I began discussing the whole marriage thing. I'm not sure how other folks do it, but for us we knew we were going to get married, and had even started planning to some degree, before we were officially engaged. As part of the planning thing we decided to go jewellery shopping. Danny and I wanted to choose my engagement ring together rather than it being a surprise... We were spending money and we wanted to make sure I was gonna love the ring forever!

So off we headed to Birmingham's jewellery quarter to peruse the many sparkly offerings. Foolishly we thought it would be easy, I already had an idea in my head of what I wanted; Solitaire diamond, marquise cut, and both white and yellow gold. Easy right? Wrong!!

We went in every single shop and found nothing!

Well, thats not strictly true, we did find that some of the jewellery stores would actually handcraft customers designs... 

Well that just got the ball rolling, before I knew it I'd sketched the ring of my dreams and we were heading back to the jewellery stores, with a different idea in my head!

The shop we chose was ironically one of the first, if not the first shop we visited on our first trip to Birmingham. The shop was Platinum Jewellers, not sure what it was about them that we liked, but something just clicked and it had to be them... We've never regretted choosing them, although they may wish they had said no!

The twisted design I had imagined, proved to be rather tricky and it took them a few attempts to get it right. Months after the process began we finally got the finished ring, we were so happy with it. The only sad bit was, it then went to live with Danny for a few more months till he decided to pop the question.

On 23rd August, 2002 that day finally arrived. 

What a romantic :)

Surrounded by flowers and candles, Danny got down on one knee, retrieved my ring from the lily it was sitting in and said many wonderful things that I could never remember, followed by "Will you marry me?" I said a very teary, squeaky yes and finally got my beautiful ring on my finger :')

On 23rd August 2005, at Lipan point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, my second ring design joined the first. And so as not to be left out Danny got his own handmade ring, also designed my me.

Just Married!
The ring designing was just the beginning, to be continued...! 


  1. oh my gaaaawwsshhh *sounds like goofy*
    This post was soo adorable :) <3 I loveeee the ring! I cant believe you designed it :O

    can you stop being soo amazingly talented please? its making me jealous....:) hahah!

  2. It would be more impressive if I could say I made it too, lol! I'm glad you like it, its rather special to me :D